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Our Story

The origin story

Growing up in a rough neighbourhood in Birmingham, going to a top university or working in the City was always a pipe dream. Having known almost no-one who had “made it”, going to a top university seemed like an impossibility. That was before we met our respective mentors.

Through their guidance, those goals went from seeming unattainable to being within our reach, albeit a lot of hard work. Not a big change at first glance, but it motivated us put in the effort to make those ambitions a reality. Eventually, with their encouragement and tailored advice, what had once seemed nigh impossible years ago had become a reality.

Unfortunately, we know how rare it is to find a true mentor; family connections aside, you need to be in the right place, at precisely the right time to stumble upon someone who is willing to be your champion.

MentorLab connects current sixth-form students with former sixth-form students.

At MentorLab, we cut out the luck and make good mentors accessible to everyone. We connect current students with former students with a similar background, who will have gone through the same trials and tribulations.

That way, you get advice from someone who understands your situation, knows what you should do and cares for your future success.

What We Do


We provide high-quality mentorship

We provide mentees with mentors from top universities with a similar background to the mentee, resulting in high-quality and tailored advice  


We focus on impact

We match mentors with mentees who have demonstrated the drive to attend a top university but lack the guidance to get there, ensuring that mentoring provides significant value to mentees  


We build communities

For schools, the mentoring will strengthen ties between former students and current students, creating a sense of continuity between successive school years  

Example mentor profiles

Andy Quach

  • Former student of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Birmingham
  • Economics Graduate from Cambridge University (1st class)
  • Consultant at Oliver Wyman

Will Pritchard

  • Former student of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Birmingham
  • Economics Undergraduate at the London School of Economics (LSE)


MentorLab is launching soon

Whether you’re a current student looking for help, a potential mentor looking to share your wisdom with the world or a school intrigued in what we’re doing, get in touch using the contact form on the right! Let us if you’re interested and we’ll let you know when we launch.

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